Meet Piper

I'm Piper. Come take me for a car ride, and I am sure to drive right into your heart! And I just did. I've been adopted by a great family. Check us out on Facebook!

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Meet Louise

Gosh, I love to play!

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Meet Thelma

I'm Thelma and have it all going for me! I am like a large dog in a compact body. So cool. Please think of the fun we can have together!

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Meet McGoo

Aren't I a handsome guy? I'm also very sweet! Please think about giving me a special home.

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Meet Elizabeth

I'm Elizabeth, and I love to cuddle! Just waiting for a nice warm and loving family to come my way!

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Meet Garfunkle

I'm Garfunkle and need a home too!

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Meet Katniss

Gosh, first I was hit by a car and Furever Friends put me together again, and then they found me a great new home! Thanks Furever Friends!

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Meet Steven

My name is Steven, and I am named for the animal control officer who saved my life! I was pretty sick but all well now. Thank you Officer Steven! I have been adopted!!! Thank you Furever Friends!

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Meet Abigale

Hey Everyone. I'm Abigale and ready to be the purrfect cat for you and your family.

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Meet Rudey

Hey! Check this out. That's me, Rudey, with my new pack! I love them all so much, and they love me back. Best family ever. We will grow up together!

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Meet Happy Gilmore

My name is Happy. And I must be some kind of special! After a rough start, my friends at Furever Friends Animal Rescue are seeing that I get the love and treatment I need. I'm even in school! Please read more about me.

Meet More Adoptable Pets

Furever Friends Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization which provides veterinary medical care to homeless animals.  Millions of pets are abandoned to shelters each year, and many more are simply abandoned. Hungry, sick and often injured and abused, many of these homeless animals will die in great pain or in the slow agony of hunger and dehydration.

At Furever Friends Animal Rescue, we take them into our care, see that they receive the appropriate medical treatment, and then ensure they find the loving homes they so deserve.  Our work is labor intensive, yet it is so rewarding.  Feeble as the animals may be when they come to us, they always give us a wag or a purr as if to say, "Thank you for helping me." 

We cannot save them all, but we do what we can, four paws at a time!

Furever Friends Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization. All of your donations are tax deductible!
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Baxter Leeuwenburg

Furever Friends Animal Rescue Rocks!  They take great, loving care of us injured furry children and find us FOREVER HOMES!  Please help them help animals like me!